• As part of each families 2017-2018 tuition agreement, each family if responsible for a FAMILY COMMITMENT.  This monetary amount can be paid by the family as part of their yearly tuition payment or families may opt to participate in a variety of Home School Association (HSA) approved fundraisers. Additionally, each family is responsible for purchasing and/or selling two raffle tickets for the Annual Community Raffle ($50/ea).


    The School Board Finance Committee has approved the following rates for 2017-2018 upcoming school year's FAMILY commitment:


    Number of Children


    Family Commitment

    1 Child


    2 Children


    3 or More Children






    • For questions regarding your Parent Commitment/ Tuition, please contact Megan Gallagher, Office Manager at 716-836-1191.  For questions regarding HSA Fundraisers, please contact Jayne Moskal-Smith at jmoskalsmith@hotmail.comClick here for Fundraisers