Culture Kids

  • Elementary Spanish classes offered at St. Mark!

     Capture the opportunity in your child’s development!


    • Research studies have indicated the benefits of introducing foreign language skills at an early age!
    • Students at a young age absorb a foreign vocabulary as if they were learning new words in English. There is no translation factor – only absorption!
    • Younger students have flexibility with their tongues, enabling them to pronounce foreign words with proper enunciation and accentuation!


    SPANISH FOR THE ELEMENTARY YEARS is an educationally oriented, fun and interactive program designed specifically for K –3 elementary students. The unique six-week curriculum features foundation vocabulary introduced through games, singing and hands-on activities. Students are able to compound words and begin forming simple sentences. Classes are never a repeat! Three different sessions are offered during the school year. New vocabulary and activities are introduced with each 6 week session! Returning students continue expanding their vocabulary base and new students begin building their vocabulary base. The program consists of 5-year rotation of lesson plans!  New and returning students can join. Research studies indicate the benefits of introducing foreign language skills at an early age! Early introduction increases the student's ability to absorb rather than translate their language. Join the fun!!

                                                       Enroll your child for this amazing educational experience!

                                                         Students are dismissed to Spanish class after school!


                                   Classes are held after-school at St Mark on Thursdays from 2:25pm-3:05pm

                                   The class fee is $75 for the 6 week session.

                                    Classes meet 10/20-12/! (no class 11/24)



    (Registration will close sooner if class is full)




    For more information contact 1-833-436-7424








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