After School Program




    PARENTS OF ALL CHILDREN MUST COMPLETE AN AFTER SCHOOL APPLICATION IF YOUR CHILD/CHILDREN REMAIN IN THE BUILDING AFTER DISMISSAL.  All children who participate in any extra-curricular activity that does not begin immediately after dismissal must have an After School application on file.


    This program runs from 2:20-5:30 p.m. for students of St. Mark School. Teachers/Caregivers supervise all activities.  Mrs. Cindy Tippett will be returning again it this year as our Director.


    Activities include:  Sports, Quiet and Active Games, Outdoor Activities, Arts and Crafts, Movies, Homework Time.  A snack is provided daily.


    • Fees:  $15 a day per child. (There is a $5 discount for each additional sibling)
    • Children can only stay on the days they are in school.
    • A fee of $5.00 a day is charged for those who stay one hour or less.
    • A fee of $1.00 will be charged for every minute after 5:30pm.  
    • All children must be signed out from the afterschool log.
    • A $15.00 fee will be assessed for past due statements that are not paid in full each month.
    • Invoices that are past due by 30 days you child/children will not be allowed to attend.

    Bills are sent home the first week of every month and must be paid on a monthly basis.  If a family is not current with their monthly payment by the 1st of the following month after statements have been sent out, your child/children will not be able to attend the program until the balance is paid in full. There will be a fee of $15.00 assessed to your bill that has not been paid. 


    We would suggest that children attending the After School Program have a change of clothes for playing outside and in the gym.  Please label all uniforms and clothing with your child’s name.


    The school must be notified in writing with a note to their teacher if your child/children will not be staying on a particular day.  


    If your child/children participate in sports, music programs, or any other extra curricular activities that do not begin at 2:20p.m, they must attend the After School Program.  All children must be accounted for at all times by an adult and they are not allowed to roam the school without supervision.  Children are given a snack and drink and may do their homework while they wait.


    On the After School Program Registration Form, parents must indicate the names and phone numbers of all adults who have permission to pick up their child/children.  School personnel will not release any child to anyone not listed on the registration form.  


    Parents will be notified in the event of an accident or sudden illness.  If parents cannot be reached in a reasonable amount of time, an emergency contact listed on the After School Program Registration Card will be called.  If a child requires emergency attention, After School personnel will follow the emergency instructions given on the back of the After School registration form.


    Please pick up your child/children AT DOOR #1 NEAR THE RECTORY.  Ring the bell above the door and After-School Personnel will let you in.  You must sign the release book and the time of departure or you will be charged the full amount of $15 per day.




    For additional information, please call the school office @ 836-1191.


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