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    It is sometimes necessary for oral medications to be given during the school day. Children should be encouraged to take medication before or after school, if possible. New York State Education guidelines state that oral medications may be administered by school personnel if a Request Form for Giving Medication at School is on file. The form, available in the school office, must be completed by the child's physician and signed by the parent.

    Medication containers must be clearly labeled with adequate instructions by the pharmacy or physician as to when it is to be given, how much, and for how long. The medication must be delivered directly to the principal or secretary by the parent. Parents must report to school personnel immediately if there is any change in the course of treatment or in medication. Any changes in medication or dose will require the completion of a new Request Form for Giving Medication at School.

    Wellness Policy
    Along with spiritual and intellectual growth, the physical well being of each of our students is a priority. Our cafeteria staff follows the guidelines of the National Child Nutrition Program with the objectives of promoting student health and reducing childhood obesity.

    Our Physical Education and Health classes focus on activities, lessons, knowledge and skills that foster fitness and encourage students to make choices that will lead to life-long health.
    St. Mark students also participate in the CHAMP Program (Choosing Healthy Activities through Mentoring and Play), sponsored by the Catholic Health System and the Fitness For Kids Challenge, sponsored by the Independent Health Foundation. Both of these programs present learning events throughout the year that center on student health, fitness and good nutrition.

    Finally, as required by New York State, our school nurse will include student weight and BMI (Body Mass Index) in with the assessments of height, vision and hearing for our students.

    Important Forms and Information:

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