Dress Code



    All students, grades 1-8, wear the school uniform from the first day of school to the close of the school year, unless otherwise designated by the school. The uniform must be worn to and from school. Parents are asked to see that children are dressed in full uniform before leaving for school each morning. All clothing, including shoes, sneakers, boots, etc. must be labeled with the child’s name.

    We are very proud of our school uniform and the way our children represent St. Mark School. The uniform policy will be STRICTLY enforced. If your child is out of uniform the following procedures will be taken:

    1st Offense: A phone call home will be made and the child will need to call home for proper uniform attire.

    2nd Offense: Detention will be held the following day for one hour and the parents will be contacted.

    3rd Offense: Parents will again be contacted and detention will be held the following day for one hour. Beyond this, the child loses dress down privilege for the REMAINDER of the school year.

    Any offense after that, a principal’s meeting will be set up with the student and his/her parents.


    Uniforms and apparel may be purchased at Lands End and Flynn & O'Hara.  Monogramming items with the St. Mark Logo is optional.  The custom Lands End website for St. Mark School is available here:



    Uniform Jumper:

    Grades 1-4: uniform jumper (Available at Flynn & O’Hara or LandsEnd.)

    Grades 5-8: uniform jumper or skirt (Available at Flynn & O’Hara or LandsEnd.)

    The skirts can be no shorter than two inches above the knee. Girls may NOT roll the waistband of their uniform skirt or shorts. In September, October, May and June, navy blue or khaki dress walking shorts (must be knee length) may be worn. Navy blue or khaki dress slacks are optional during the winter months (Thanksgiving to Easter). No jeans of any kind, no pants with big pockets, braids/rivets, no cargo pants, etc.

    Blouses/Shirts: White, light blue or navy blue tailored blouse with collar, 3 or 4 button shirt with collar or turtleneck. All tops may be short-sleeved or long-sleeved.   

    Sweatshirts/Sweaters: Solid navy blue or hunter green sweaters (pullover or cardigan) or navy blue school sweatshirt may be worn with uniform. No other shades of blue or green permissible. St. Mark monogrammed fleece zip ups are also allowed.

    Socks/Shoes: Solid navy blue, black, hunter green or white knee socks, ankle socks or tights. Solid means no visible logos, emblems, or stripes. Stockings may be worn in grades 6-8. Shoes must be SOLID black, brown or navy blue school shoes with closed toes and backs with a sturdy sole. All shoes must be tied at all times. No unusually high heels (no more than 1” high). No slippers, moccasins, flip flops, sneakers, hiking boots, clogs or crocs are allowed. Sneakers are permissible only on gym days.

    Cosmetics: Eye makeup and lipstick are not allowed.


    Pants: Navy blue or khaki dress slacks. No jeans of any kind, no pants with big pockets or braids/rivets, no cargo pants, etc.). In September, October, May and June, navy blue or khaki dress walking shorts (must be knee length) may be worn.

    Shirts: White, light blue or navy blue dress shirt, 3 or 4 button down with collar or long sleeve turtleneck. Denim shirts are NOT allowed.

    Sweaters/Sweatshirts: Pullover or cardigan. Solid navy blue sweaters (not royal blue or any other shade) or navy blue sweatshirt over uniform shirt are permissible. Hunter green sweaters and St. Mark monogrammed fleece zip ups are also allowed.

    Socks/Shoes: Solid navy blue, black, hunter green or white socks. Again, solid means no logos or emblems on socks. SOLID black, brown or navy blue colored school shoes with closed back toes and back with sturdy soles. All shoes must remained tied at all times. No sneakers, slippers, hiking boots, moccasins, flip flops, crocs, clogs, etc. Sneakers are permissible only on gym days.


    • Only navy blue school sweatshirts and uniform regulation sweaters are allowed.  Other sweatshirts will be confiscated. Parents must retrieve the sweatshirts from the office.
    • Hats, headgear of any kind, may not be worn in school except for medical or religious reasons. Exceptions to the rule must be prearranged with the principal.
    • Hair must be neatly cut and well-groomed; no extreme hair styles or color.
    • During the winter months we ask that students wear boots, hats, and gloves to school for their health protection. No shoe boots, hiking boots or rubber shoes are allowed in the classrooms.
    • Jewelry: In the interest of safety, no jewelry may be worn to school other than a watch. Boys are not allowed to have any earring or other forms of body piercing. Girls are allowed to wear one small post earring in each ear. Long, dangling earrings, hoop earrings and other body piercing are not allowed.


    Physical Education Dress Code (Grades 1-8):  In order to provide safety and health of each student and to eliminate the time needed to change clothes for class, the following uniform will be worn to school on the day students have physical education class.

    • Grey school gym shirt (labeled with child’s name)
    • Solid color navy blue, black or maroon sweatpants with no writing or pictures on them (stripes down the side are permissible) and no yoga pants.
    • Shorts with no zippers or belt loops worn UNDER sweatpants
    • Monogrammed St. Mark gym shorts are available for purchase and allowed during fall and spring seasons
    • In the warmer months, students may wear UNIFORM SHORTS only if not wearing gym uniform sweatpants. This means dress shorts in navy blue or khaki. No gym shorts are allowed unless under sweatpants
    • Socks and athletic sneakers, laced and tightly tied
    • No fashion shoes/no boots
    • No jewelry may be worn on physical education days

    If students are not adequately prepared for physical education class, it will be reflected in their report card grades and other consequences may follow.





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