•  The curriculum follows the guidelines mandated by the New York State Education Department and the Department of Catholic Education in the Diocese of Buffalo.

    Christian values and attitudes permeate all areas of school life. Religion is considered not as just a subject in the curriculum but as a way of life to be lived. The gospel message is integrated with activities so that children may grow in their faith by living their faith: sharing prayer, giving service, experiencing community, showing respect and concern for others. Included in the religion program are monthly school liturgies.

    Children in second grade, who are of the Catholic Faith, receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and the following year, the Holy Eucharist after a year of joyous anticipation, thorough study, and varied activities. Parent participation in the sacramental preparation of their children is required.

    The core curriculum subjects:

    • English Language Arts
    • Mathematics
    • Science
    • Social Studies
    • Religion

    These core curriculum subjects are taught by the classroom teachers in Grades K - 6. At the junior high level, classes are departmentalized and are taught by certified teachers who specialize in specific subject areas.

    St. Mark School offers Reading and Math support for students who qualify, and Buffalo Public Schools offers additional support in this area. A special classroom is provided for their use. The Buffalo Public Schools also provide speech, occupational therapy, and physical therapy for children who qualify.

    Students in Grades 4 -8 have regular instruction in Spanish.

    Physical Education, Music, Art, and Computer Instruction are a regular part of the school curriculum at all grade levels, K – 8, and are taught by teachers trained in those areas.

    Resource Room teachers, a Librarian, and Instrumental Music Teachers are additional resources available at St. Mark School.