• Admissions FAQ

     Do you have an Open House or opportunity to visit the school?

     Yes, our Open House will be held on January 29, 2023.  This is a great way for families with children going into Kindergarten or families considering transferring to a new school to tour the campus, meet the faculty and many St. Mark families, and ask questions.  

     What if I can’t attend the Open House?

    We offer personalized tours throughout the academic year.  The tours take place during the school day.  You may call our front office at 716-836-1191 to schedule a tour. 

     What should I bring to Open House?

    We recommend that you make the Open House a family affair!  This is a child-friendly event, so bring your potential student (and other siblings).  If St. Mark School is one of your top choices for Kindergarten 2023-2024. We strongly recommend that you are prepared to pay the $500 deposit at the end of the Open House to reserve your spot in our class.  You will also be given the option to complete registration paperwork.

     How does my child get accepted to the 2023-2024 Kindergarten class?

    Kindergarten admission is based on two factors: date of deposit and successful completion of the kindergarten screening.  Open House (1/29) is the earliest date we will accept a Kindergarten deposit.  Once you pay a deposit, you will be given a date (spring) for the kindergarten screening.  After a successful screening, families will be notified by mail if their child has been accepted, or what number they are on the wait list.

     How much is the deposit and is it refundable?

    The initial deposit is $500 with a percentage applied towards your child’s tuition.  Should a family decide not to attend St. Mark, the deposit is NOT refundable.  In the case that a child does not pass the Kindergarten screening or moves out of the area, St. Mark will refund the deposit.

    The second deposit of $500 is due on or by June 1 and will be applied towards your child's tuition, as well.  Should a family decide not to attend St. Mark after June 1, this deposit will not be refunded.

     How many Kindergarten classes does St. Mark have and how many children are in each class?

    We offer two grades per class at St. Mark.  The maximum number of students we will accept per class is 26.  Each Kindergarten classroom has a teacher and a full-time aid.

     What happens if I don’t get accepted but am on the waitlist?

    Don’t despair!  We will be notified of where you are on the waitlist.  Many families on the waitlist will find out they have been accepted in late spring or early summer.  If you want to avoid the stress of being on the waitlist, it is recommended that you pay a deposit at Open House .

     How should I prepare my child for the Kindergarten screening?

    You do not need to study for the kindergarten screening.  This is not an Entrance Exam, instead this is a Kindergarten readiness screening.  It allows St. Mark Kindergarten teachers to verify that a child is ready to attend Kindergarten.  A child will be matched with one of the two Kindergarten teachers and play a series of ‘games’ with the teacher while the parents wait in the school library.  To prepare, let your child know that they will be meeting a teacher and playing some games while Mommy/Daddy/Grandparent waits in the other room.  The screen lasts for approximately 30 minutes.