• Visual Arts Course 


    Creativity, responsibility, and team-work make the dynamo that will empower our students to be the leaders of tomorrow. The 21st century needs problem solvers, inventors, and compassionate citizens. Our children's' imaginations are infinite mines filled with jewels yet to be discovered. Art is an opportunity for our students to go beyond what is known and explore the unknown. 
    We engage in a  project and design based curriculum. This means students will be doing more group projects and problem solving. The goal of this type of learning is to encourage team work, project management, and cooperative learning.

    Kindergarten Painting


    Past Art Projects

    Fall Art

                                                                                                    Land Art Collaboration (2-3)

    Mother Teresa

                                                                                        Mother Teresa Canonization Portrait


    Paper Sculptures

                                                                                       Jen Stark Paper Sculpture Installation


    Frank Gehry

                                                                                                Frank Gehry Paper Buildings