• Visual Arts Course 

    Mr. Myers

    Visual Arts
    Welcome Letter
    " There are no passengers on spaceship earth, we are all crew." 
    - Marshall McLuhan 
    Creativity, responsibility, and team-work make the dynamo that will empower our students to be the leaders of tomorrow. The 21st century needs problem solvers, inventors, and compassionate citizens. Our children's' imaginations are infinite mines filled with jewels yet to be discovered. Art is an opportunity for our students to go beyond what is known and explore the unknown. 
    I will be implementing more project based and design based curriculum. This means students will be doing more group projects and problem solving. The goal of this type of learning is to encourage team work, project management, and cooperative learning.
    A big change has been made in the art room. We now have a class 'art gallery'. The gallery's purpose is for self-assessment and peer assessment of our projects. During and after each project, students will share their work by hanging it in the gallery. As a class we will discuss what we did well and how we can improve. For the lower grades (K-4) this assessment will be called "Three stars and a wish". For the older grades, peer assessment will involve more open-ended discussion. 
    Most work completed in art class will go directly in each student's portfolio which will remain in school until the end of the semester. Seasonal projects such as Halloween and Christmas decor will go home after they are complete. 
    Success in the art room is ensured if students follow the three main rules: 

    1. Respect each other. Treat others as you would want to be treated.

    2. Respect classroom materials and projects.

    3. Do your best and have fun.


    Students will be graded on participation and on each project. To get a good grade, follow these rules:

    1. On projects, students must follow all instructions and properly apply the techniques we learn in class.

    2. Try your best. When we don’t try our best, it shows in our work.

    3. Participation: All students are expected to behave in class, help each other, and contribute to a positive creative environment. Poor behavior will have a negative effect on your participation grade.

    Kindergarten Painting


    Past Art Projects

    Fall Art

                                                                                                    Land Art Collaboration (2-3)

    Mother Teresa

                                                                                        Mother Teresa Canonization Portrait


    Paper Sculptures

                                                                                       Jen Stark Paper Sculpture Installation


    Frank Gehry

                                                                                                Frank Gehry Paper Buildings