Grade Seven Religion

    Students in Seventh Grade Religion focus their study on the life of Jesus.  In examining the teachings, miracles and parables of Jesus, the students will not only grow in their knowledge of Jesus but also in their understanding of the power of His presence in their lives today.  This year will also stress the need to stay close to Jesus through prayer, the Scriptures and the Seven Sacraments, especially the Eucharist.


    Grade Eight Religion

    An investigation of the nature and history of the Church will be at the center of Eighth Grade Religion.  In reflecting on the history of the Church from Pentecost to today, the students will grow in their realization that St. Mark Church is not the building at the corner of Woodward and Amherst Streets.  Rather, we are St. Mark Church, the People of God, trying each day to live out the Gospel teachings of Jesus.  Additionally, the students will be involved in service projects that help them to live out their call to be Church.