5th Grade

  • Curriculum

    In fifth grade, some of the curriculum becomes more challenging. In order to assist your students at home, I have included a brief overview of our curriculum for this year.  

    Math: Our Math curriculum this year may be very challenging.  We teach with the EngageNY Modules, which follows the Common Core Standards.  We will cover the following topics this year: Place value, Operations with Decimals, Operations with Fractions, Measurement, and Geometry.  We will also be focusing on writing to explain our math reasoning and logic. Extended practice in class and at home are imperative for a successful year in Math.  

    English Language Arts: We will be following the EngageNY Modules for our English Language Arts curriculum this year.  In 5th grade will be focusing on vocabulary, comprehension strategies and skills, grammar, spelling, and writing. The overarching focus for all modules is building students’ literacy skills as they develop knowledge about the world. In each module students will participate in a novel study in which they will think critically, write to respond to reading, to inform other readers and to tell creative stories.   In order to increase students’ reading comprehension, strengthen writing skills, and build vocabulary, we use our reading and writing skills across all content areas. 

    Religion: We follow a curriculum outline presented by the Diocese of Buffalo.  Our textbook that we work closely with is entitled Christ Our Life.  Students are encouraged this year to create a deeper personal relationship with Christ and how to live out their faith in their daily lives.  We will focus on the Seven Sacraments this year as well as ways that we can worship God.  

    Science: This year, we will be covering topics in Life Science, Earth Science, Physical Science, and Health Science.  We are currently learning about how Scientists work.  Some topics to look forward to include: Plants, Human Body Systems, Ecosystems, Technology Design and Function, Weather Patterns, the Earth’s Surface, and Personal Safety.   We will also be doing projects and conducting fun experiments! 

    Social Studies: We will learn about the history and geography of the United States, Canada and Latin America.  Topics include the Age of Exploration of North America and the United States as a Growing Nation, including the American Revolution and the American Civil War.  We are beginning our social studies curriculum with a unit on enduring issues. These are the most common themes throughout social studies. We will continue to use these enduring issues as a foundation for all subsequent units.