3rd Grade

  • Welcome to Third Grade!

    We are thrilled that your child is in 3rd grade this year! We are very excited to get started. We are firm believers in a strong open line of communication between home and school. After all, we have something special in common, your child!

    Our Curriculum:

    This year we will cover a wide variety of subjects and topics.  Below is an overview of our curriculum and units of study for Third Grade.

    In Reading and Language Arts we will be following a reading series entitled Journeys.  This series is an all encompassing series that will allow us to teach comprehension skills, phonics, grammar, and various genres that connect and correspond to a main theme within the literature we are reading.  Later this year, we will be reading novels.

    Our Social Studies curriculum will allow students to explore their communities and various communities around the world.  

    Our Science curriculum covers health, living things, weather and energy.

    Our Math curriculum is very rigorous. We use the NYS math modules called Eureka Math. Each lesson builds upon each other and students learn through discovery, manipulatives and the traditional style of math!

    This year in religion it is a sacramental year for our students. They will have an opportunity to make and celebrate their First Holy Communion.  

    Our Classroom Policies:  

    Third grade uses an interactive online classroom management tool called Class Dojo. It’s a fun and exciting way to communicate between students, parents and teachers. If you have not already joined us on class Dojo, please contact us for an activation code.

    Our Homework Policy:

    Our students are expected to complete their homework each night it is assigned. Every night there will be math homework. Spelling homework will be assigned on Monday and there will be a spelling test every Friday. If students are missing an assignment a pink slip will be given. Three pink slips in one semester will require a lunch detention.

    Together we will uncover the tools that will set your child up for success.