2nd Grade

  • Grade 2 Curriculum 



    In Reading and Language Arts we will be following a reading series entitled Journeys. This series is an all encompassing series that will allow us to teach comprehension skills, phonics, grammar, and various genres that connect and correspond to a main theme within the literature we are reading. 



    In Math we follow the New York State Mathematics Modules from Eureka Math. Our curriculum includes  two-digit addition and subtraction, place value, counting, word problems to 100, time and money. Our studies in Math will also focus on reading, interpreting, and solving multi-step word problems. 



    Our Religion curriculum is based on a text entitled Christ Our Life. This year we will build a special relationship with God as we prepare to meet with Jesus in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Students will be expected to participate in all Religion lessons, within the classroom, and be engaged during our School Mass gatherings. 



    In Science we will be using Interactive Science which provides support for multi-dimensional learning of the Disciplinary Core Ideas, the Crosscutting Concepts, the Science and Engineering Practices, and the Performance Expectations. Interactive Science makes all students want to learn more about Science and the world. It helps students develop scientific literacy so they better understand the world we live in. Organized into three distinct pathways- reading, inquiry and digital- Interactive Science makes learning and teaching science personal, relevant, and engaging for both students and teachers. 


    Social Studies:

    In Social Studies our curriculum correlates with the NY State Standards.  These standards include the History of the U.S. and New York, World History, Geography, Economics, Citizenship, and Government.  We will be using our text, People and Places. In addition lessons will also be taught using Scholastic News and various pieces of literature.