1st Grade

  • Course Overview:

    This year we will cover a wide variety of subjects and topics.  Below is an overview of our curriculum and units of study for First Grade.

    In Reading and Language Arts we will be following a reading series entitled Journeys.  This series is an all encompassing series that will allow us to teach comprehension skills, phonics, grammar, and various genres that connect and correspond to a main theme within the literature we are reading.  Our weekly Spelling words will also connect to the literature that we are reading in class. Within the next few weeks, we will be breaking the class into reading groups based upon the students needs. The students in each group will be reading a story that connects with the main text in our reading anthology and is at their instructional reading level.  

    Our Math curriculum is also very extensive.  We began our study with addition and subtraction.  While looking at the two operations, our students will begin to develop an understanding of the relationship between the two.  We will continue to focus on the development of number sense, place value, and geometry throughout the school year.