Registration Checklist

  • Registration begins January 26, 2020

    To register, parents must complete the following:

    • Registration Form
    • Tuition Agreement (to follow with acceptance letter)
    • Smart Tuition Contract (to follow with acceptance letter)
    • Textbook Loan Form
    • Release of records from a previous school or daycare (only a signature at the bottom is necessary)
    • Received release of records (office)
    • A copy of your child's current report card
    • A copy of your child's birth certificate
    • A copy of your child's baptismal certificate
    • Parishioner Verification Form
    • Non-refundable Admission Fee
    ** All forms can be downloaded from the Registration Forms section of our site

    Health Packet

    All the forms in the Health Packet must be sent into the school before August 1st.

    • Release of Information Form
    • Student Health History Form completed and signed by parent
    • Physical Examination (Health Certificate/Appraisal Form). Because of insurance requirements, if your child cannot have a physical before August 1st, a copy of the appointment card from the doctor will suffice.
    • Dental Health Certificate
    • An up-to-date immunization form. Please make certain that your child has had two MMR shots. Children born after 1/1/02 and entering Grade 6 must have verification of the Tdap vaccination. No child will be allowed to enter school without this form.