School Goals

  • We believe it is our responsibility to assist families in the education and growth of their children academically, spiritually, emotionally, socially, and physically. Our approach to education is to empower each child to make responsible and appropriate decisions, perform to the best of his or her ability in all endeavors, and gain the confidence and knowledge for success in the next stage of his or her education. Our philosophy has borne fruit in the form of excellent test scores, faith filled graduates, outstanding athletic teams and spectacular artistic performances.

    St. Mark School seeks to provide each child with an excellent Catholic Education by adhering to the following four goals:

    1. To deepen in the hearts of its students the knowledge, understanding and commitment to the teachings of Christ through daily prayer and worship, deeds of community service and an ever growing love for the meaning of the Catholic Faith;
    2. To foster the intellectual development of all students to the maximum of their personal potential so that they will possess the foundation, skills and concepts necessary to confidently meet the challenges of the future;
    3. To provide successful learning experiences for the whole child through the integration of religious education, academic studies, athletics and an appreciation of the cultural arts; and
    4. To nurture the values of a healthy self image, self-discipline, responsibility and integrity so that the students will be able to carry the message of Christ throughout their adulthood.