• Students entering Kindergarten are required to be five years old on or before December 31st in the year enrolling for school. Prospective Kindergarten children will engage in Kindergarten Screening in the Spring. Actual acceptance occurs if the child meets the requirements of the screening test. If you are interested in enrolling and have already missed Spring screenings, please contact St. Mark School to set up a screening appointment.

    To register for Kindergarten, parents must complete the following:

    Step One:

    • Complete the Registration Form, Textbook Loan Form, Release of Records Form (from previous school or daycare), Parishioner Verification Form and Directory Form
    • Submit a copy of your child's birth certificate and baptismal certificate
    • Non-refundable Admission Fee $500 on the day of registration ($150 Registration Fee/Book Bill and Technology Fee per child with the remaining balance applied to the 1st month's tuition.)
    • Another Non-refundable $500 deposit by June 1. 
    • Received release of records (office)

    Step Two:

    • Once a child has been accepted by St. Mark School, parents must complete the following:
    • Tuition Agreement (to follow with acceptance letter)
    • Smart Tuition Contract (to follow with acceptance letter)

    Step Three:

    Families must complete the HEALTH PACKET by August 1st. 

    • Release of Information Form
    • Student Health History Form completed and signed by parent
    • Physical Examination (Health Certiate/Appraisal Form) - Because of insurance requirements, if your child cannot have a physical before August 1st, a copy of the appointment card from the doctor will suffice 
    • Dental Health Certificate
    • An up-to-date immunization form. Please make certain that your child has had two MMR shots
    • Grade 6 must have verification of the Tdap vaccination - No child will be allowed to enter school without this form

    Transfer Students:

    Any other student/students registering (grades 1-8) will have a formal interview with the Principal or Assistant Principal and complete a shadow day within their current grade level. Before official acceptance, additional testing may be given to students and transcripts are required from all previous schools. 

    Questions, Contact MrsGallagher in our Main Office at (716) 836-1191